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I’m pretty pleased with the 12th doctor

Couldn’t resist reblogging lmfao

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"What they don’t understand about birthdays and what they never tell you is that when you’re eleven, you’re also ten, and nine, and eight and seven, and six, and five, and four, and three, and two, and one." -Sandra Cisneros, "Eleven"

Oh no this is super adorable

I finally stopped to take a closer look at this and oh my GOD this is amazing.

This wins the internet

The entirety of Season Six is when Moffat’s fascination for plot twists and open-ended mysteries (in our house, we describe this unfortunate tendency as “plotty-wotty”) took over the show, and the whole product suffered. As for the Doctor himself, in Season Six he: didn’t tell Amy or Rory about the anomalous readings he was getting about her pregnancy (and why was he pregnancy-testing her, anyway?); hypnotized humanity into becoming a race of killers (but the Silence are creepy, so screw them, right?); and invited all of his “loved ones” to stand unwitting and unwilling witness to his own faked death.

Smith and his fellow cast members, along with the stirring score, were doing their damnedest to convince us that this was all very moving. But even their best performances couldn’t paper over the hollowness of the characters and their relationships.

” —

The Captain Kirk Problem: How Doctor Who Betrayed Matt Smith

This article discusses some of the problems I’ve had with Doctor Who lately that I couldn’t quite verbalize.

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This guys has made a TARDIS that is bigger on the inside

No joke

Make me one and give me the app

I don’t like doctor who but this is awesome

This completely blew my mind. Its was like watching doctor who for the first time again and u see that the tardis is bigger in the inside and your just like wwwwhhhhhhaaaaattttt!?!?!?!?!


"The first nineteen years of my life, nothing happened. Nothing at all, not ever. And then I met a man called the Doctor. A man who could change his face. And he took me away from home in his magical machine. He showed me the whole of time and space."

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Anonymous: What do you suppose each doctor would say to someone who was feeling suicidal? 




Wow. Let me see.

One: Hold on and keep walking, dear. Faith makes history, hmm.

Two: Life is full of things you can’t even fathom. New wonders are there for you to find! I would hope you wouldn’t miss them.

Three: Let life take its own course, my dear. Even stars burn up in their own time.

Four: Take it slow and think of the good moments. Unless, of course, you want to take it fast. Then think of the good moments while running at gunpoint.

Five: There’s always another way. There is always more love. Be it verb or noun, there is always more love for you.

Six: Oh dear, oh dear! One mustn’t cast off this mortal coil before the sonnet is even written.

Seven: Somewhere out there, there are worlds that ache for your feet to touch them. Not only worlds. Universes. At that, there are also towns, cities, countries that would mourn for their lack of your footfall.

Eight: We all feel like giving up sometimes. What a cliché, eh? But it is certainly the truth. You will pull yourself up from this crash and you will spit blood at the universe.

Nine: How long have you lived? No, don’t answer. “Not long enough,” is the answer.

Ten: So you feel small, insignificant? Ah, but you’re a giant. You have to be — to go through what you’ve gone through. To feel what you’ve felt.

Eleven: Right now, the bad may outweigh the good. But you can’t forget the good. Laugh, because you deserve it. Don’t tell me you don’t. You can handle this. Live. You deserve it. You owe it to yourself.

Twelve (so far): You’ll know how to fly this thing eventually.

dude that’s fucking impressive. i could hear each of their voices.

I literally have cold chills because of this. Bravo.

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Happy New Year, lovelies.





Thanks BBC, you FINALLY cleared everyone’s suspects at last.


woooooo! (iwasright, takethatpeoplewhosentmehate)


“New year, new me,” I say, laughing to my friends. Suddenly, I throw my arms out, golden light erupting from my hands and face. I scream in agony as every single cell in my body is rewritten, atom by atom. Abruptly, the light show ends and I drop my arms, coughing out a golden trail of residual energy. I am completely made new. 

I am a Time Lord.

I’ve got new kidneys.

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Imagine walking along in the middle of a crowded city, with your headphones on. You glance down to change the music and when you look back up you see him walking right towards you. When he passes you he grabs your upper arm, turning you so that you’re walking along side him.

"Hello. Just keep walking, don’t look alarmed. I’m the Doctor, and I need your help."



Eleven’s hour is over now, The clock is striking Twelve’s. 

by Wavesheep


Doctor Who episode posters Dalek S01E06


Peter Capaldi responds to comments about him being too old to play the Doctor [x]

If you don’t like Capaldi already you are wrong

:) I’m so excited.